Sunday, August 16, 2009

Aug 09

August seems to be flying by. Time is just going fast as it was before we had 5 kids. With 5 kids now, time does not stand still. The quads are within 9 weeks of being 1 year old. OMG, where has the time gone. Bonnie will be 3. She has just really turned into a sweet little girl anymore. She is definitely coming out of the toddler stage and entering the little girl stage. She tries to help around the house. She already has her "chores" if you will. Feeding the dogs seems to have become her job. She loves it and does it all the time. She does it twice a day with help of course. She lets the dogs in and out now with our direction. She has even started taking a liking to the dishwasher. Wen I was emptying yesterday she came up and started putting away the silverware. She did a really good job. She has figured out how to start the dishwasher now too. The quads are doing well. All 4 are crawling. Audrey was the last one to figure out the crawling thing. Oliver still does the Army crawl. He is pretty fast at it and I think he is going to stick with it. Teddy is the fastest and loves to move. Melanie has fun too running around the house.

Last night we took everyone on the deck and let the babies swing. There are pictures of the swinging fun they did. Everyone really enjoyed it. They also enjoyed exploring the deck.

Naedrie and I are doing well. She has her activities with the church and a mom's group that keeps her busy. Jim has his work which is going really well. His practice is filling up nicely.

Not much else. Still have summer here in the 90's.

Hopefully will blog again soon.

-the bonucchi's.

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Wendy said...

I'm so glad everyone is doing well. The swinging pictures on Facebook are precious. I wish we lived closer so we could let our babies crawl around together (not that yours are lonely like my singleton is!)