Sunday, May 31, 2009

May 09, barely anyway

The Quads

Teddy and Melanie


Really, in Ozark, MO????

The Oriole

Melanie and Oliver

Let's wrestle

Time to eat

Diana visiting from New Jersey

Dancing shoes

Bonnie and the boys

Audrey, Melanie and Oliver

Audrey, Melanie and Oliver

I thought I would put in a May 09 entry before May ended. Seems that I barely made the cutoff. May has been a busy month for us, but then again what month isn't busy since Oct. Bonnie has become even more cute. Her vocabulary is growing exponentially. She is talking in complete sentences and holds conversations well now. She has gone through a testing the limits stage here recently but is getting better about that. She likes to help with the babies. She has even started changing diapers. She does not like to change poopy diapers though. She does a pretty good job, but you do have to double check to make sure both butt cheeks are in. Otherwise, you may get a wet surprise. She likes to help with the pups too. She has pretty well taken over doing the dog feeding now, with supervision of course. She loves to go shopping. We went through Sams this week and of course she ate her way through on the samples. She really likes to go to Sams, but I think just for the food samples.

This week she and I were outside after the babies were in bed. We had just given the dogs fresh water. We also put out a wading pool for Tank. She decided to jump in. I thought she was just going to get her feet wet. When I turned around and looked back at her, she had stripped down naked and was getting into the pool. When she sat down in the water, she announced she needed to go piddle. I guess it was the reaction to the cold water. So I brought her inside so she could go. Speaking of piddle, she is fully potty trained now. We are so happy about that.

Naedrie mowed most of the lawn this week for the first time since we moved down here. She really likes my mower. She says that I am going to share the riding mower with her. It is very peaceful when you are on it and fun to mow the lawn too. We'll see if I let her use it again. :)

The babies are doing well. They are all rolling over including our Pillsbury Dough Boy Oliver. He has finally decided to start rolling over on a regular basis. He also found his feet this week. As soon as you get both feet out during a diaper change he grabs onto them with his hands and pulls back. It is very cute. Teddy is trying to crawl. He has figured out how to get across the room by rolling. Melanie is close to being able to sit up. Audrey has started talking. She is saying da da da da da. Very cute. Someone said dada before momma for once.

The Babies are eating solids now too. We are making our own baby food at home. Much cheaper that way and better for them. No preservatives and the like. They have had squash, peas, cauliflower and bananas so far. Not sure what the next one will be. Maybe watermelon.

Naedrie and I had a nice dinner out with friends last night while grandma watched the kids. We had put everyone in bed before we left for dinner. Although a late dinner, it was very nice. Naedrie just had a friend from undergrad in town last weekend from New Jersey. Naedrie will be flying out to Jersey for a momma's weekend out without kids or husband in June. She is already excited about that. I'll be home with the kids. My family is coming to town to help so should not be too crazy.
Not much else is going on here. Clinic keeps me busy and off the streets. Will try to make the next update not so far away.

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Aww, thank you for sharing pictures of all your little angels! They all look so cute.

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I love the Time To Eat pic! You guys are so blessed!

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