Sunday, June 7, 2009

pager and a cell phone

I have just a short blog update for tonight. Let me preface this update with, there are things you say around the house without realizing it. Sometimes these things that are said are picked up by very perceptive ears. Without realizing it, I guess I have a tendency in the morning that I need to grab by cell phone any my pager. I am usually in a hurry in the morning and at least twice a week I get to the truck before realizing that either the cell phone or the pager are somewhere in the house still.

Bonnie loves to mimic things that mommy and daddy do. Tonight, she was outside playing on the deck. I was grilling but had stepped into the house to get something. She was outside alone. Then we heard the door open. Without coming in, Bonnie yelled, I need my pager and my cell phone. She then shut the door and went on about her business playing. I just thought that was cute how she said I need my pager and my cell phone.

Speaking of her cell phone. Her toy cell phone is broken right now. Really it just needs new batteries but we are out of AAA size. I had to tell her that it was broken and needed new batteries. She then told me to go to mommy's closet to get some. I knew there were none in there. I told her so. A minute later she comes toddling out with a set of AA batteries and asked me to fix her cell phone. I thought it was very cute.

All for now.
Off to bed.

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Karla said...

Very cute...she is so funny!!!